The Fall 2015 newsletter is out

Read about the Hamblin Pond alum treatment, which was a smashing success. And our one species of hummingbird (no spoilers here).  As well as a tribute to a volunteer who sets the standard for volunteering — Holly Hobart.  We will miss her, but wish her well in her new boat/home in Seattle.  All that, and more, right here.

The Winter 2015 newsletter is out

Get the run-down on IPA activities in 2014, and plans for this year. Meet a charismatic plankton and an elusive predator. And find out how to sign up for this year’s herring count because, all signs to the contrary, it will be spring soon.  Read the newsletter here, or find it and all previous issues on the newsletter archive page.

Also included in this issue is a letter from our board president, Alex Frazee, outlining the reasons that IPA membership is so important to our ponds, and our community.  Please take a moment to read it; your participation is vital to the work the IPA does.

The Fall 2014 newsletter is out

It’s already hit the mailboxes, so Indian Ponds Association members are up on the pond testing in Hamblin, the progress of the Section 208 Cape-wide water quality initiative, and the strange fish showing up in Mystic Lake.  As always, though, we make our newsletter available to everyone electronically.  Read it here: Fall 2014 Newsletter.  Or check our archives for back issues.

The Spring 2014 newsletter is out

Read about this year’s Schwarm Scholarship winner, Jack Riley, get a primer on invasive plants, and read Dave Reid’s take on bird migration. And don’t forget the Annual Meeting on Sunday, July 13, at 4:00.  You probably got your print version in the mail, but you can read the newsletter online right here, or check the archives for previous issues.

The 2014 Winter newsletter is out

There are herring to be counted and Schwarm scholarships to be applied for.  There’s an update on the Cape-wide wastewater planning initiative (which comes with a reading list), and and a piece (with pictures!) on the snowy owl invasion.  Read it here: 2014 Winter Newsletter.

This season’s newsletter also includes a letter from board president Alex Frazee asking all of us to renew our memberships and consider making an additional donation to support the many ways in which the IPA helps safeguard our ponds.