How to join

Both residents and non-residents are welcome to join the Indian Ponds Association.  Anyone living on or around the Indian Ponds may join as a resident (for the boundaries of the resident area, see below), and will be eligible to vote or hold office. 

We also invite Friends of the IPA, from outside the immediate area.   FIPA members receive the newsletter and are welcome at our annual meeting, but are not eligible to vote or hold office.

Membership, whether as a resident or a friend, is $20.  You can join by filling out the form below and sending it, with your check payable to the Indian Ponds association, to

P.O. Box 383
Marstons Mills, MA 02648

(The IPA is a 501(c)(3) organization and your membership dues and other contributions are tax-deductible.)

Application Form


IPA Property Address_________________________________________________

Cape Postal Address_________________________________________________

Off-Cape Postal Address______________________________________________

Telephone Number (optional)__________________________________________

E-mail Address (optional)_____________________________________________

______Please find enclosed check for $20.00 for a one-year family membership

______Please find enclosed check for $_________ as an additional donation

□ Resident IPA member □ FIPA member


Those eligible to join as residents:

All holders of record title within the Village of Marstons Mills abutting any of the three ponds (Hamblin, Middle, and Mystic), including property not to exceed one lot in depth across the bounding highways from the lake area indicated on the Town of Barnstable Zoning Map dated March 8, 1966. Bounding highways are Race Lane from Old Mill east to Route 149, south to Lovells Lane, west to River Road, northwest to Bog Road, north to Old Mill Road, and ending again at Race Lane.

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