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The Indian Ponds Association

Protecting Mystic Lake, Middle Pond, and Hamblin Pond since 1958

The three interconnected 100+-acre ponds in Marstons Mills, Massachusetts -- Mystic Lake, Middle Pond, and Hamblin Pond -- are, together, the Indian Ponds. They're kettlehole ponds, formed by pieces of ice left behind when the glaciers receded, and form an ecosystem that supports wildlife in, on, and off the water. They're also an integral part of the local community, and residents and visitors use the ponds for swimming, fishing, and boating year-round.

The IPA has assiduously worked to monitor, preserve, and protect the fragile ecology of the three Indian Ponds, and their surrounding land since 1958 for the benefit of its residents, visitors, habitat and wildlife.

Latest News & Upcoming Events
  • IPA Annual Meeting    July 21st

  • Ponds Appreciation Day  July 20th 

The color version of the Spring 2024 newsletter is now viewable online.
In this issue:

  • IPA Scholarship Awards

  • Note from the President

  • Annual Meeting and Ponds Appreciation Day

  • Protect our mussell from Zebra Mussels

  • A Cape Cod Lawn

  • River Herring Count

  • Tribute to the IPA Birdman


 Our 2024 membership drive is now underway.


The Indian Ponds Association is an all-volunteer tax-deductible 501(3)(c) organization.  Our volunteers maintain this website and our Facebook page, create and publish our quarterly newsletter, monitor the temperature, clarity and oxygen concentration in all three ponds on a bi-weekly basis from May through October, and advocate for the three ponds at the Town Council, Conservation Commission and the Marstons Mills Village Association meetings as needed.


Despite our volunteers, we cannot provide these services without your financial support.  Please contribute as generously as you can to help fund  all of the efforts provided by our volunteers to keep these three ponds as healthy as possible.

Dues payment envelopes will be included in our Winter 2024 Newsletter; you can simply mail a check made out to I. P. A. Inc and send it to PO Box 383 Marstons Mills, MA  02648; and finally, on our website via PayPal.

Announcing the 2024 IPA Scholarship Recipients:


Carter Hickey is the 2024 recipient of the Emory and Gei Anderson Scholarship. Carter is a senior at Barnstable High School and will attend the University of Maine for Civil Engineering with plans to focus on Environmental Engineering.

Hailey Fink is the 2024 recipient of the Edward Schwarm Memorial Scholarship. She is also a senior at Barnstable High School and will attend the University of Massachusetts Amherst for Environmental Science in the College of Natural Sciences;



The Indian Ponds Association's mission is to preserve and protect the natural environment and ecological systems of the Indian Ponds and surrounding parcels of lands and watershed, and to participate in studies and work with other agencies, individuals, and groups to educate the public, serve the community, and promote and preserve the Indian Ponds and surrounding areas.


Members of our Association have been monitoring our ponds' health and advocating for responsible stewardship since the IPA's inception in 1958.

Read some of the highlights of over a half century of our history HERE


New to the Indian Ponds?  

The Resident's Guide will give you a guided tour and can be viewed or downloaded HERE

Learn how to become a member HERE

Additional References and reading  available HERE

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