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Volunteer Opportunities



The IPA has always depended on volunteers to willingly serve on the Board of Directors.


In 2022, there will be three additional vacancies as Barry Schwartz, Emory Anderson, and Peter Atkinson will have served the maximum terms allowed. There will be a constant need for new directors in the years ahead. Although the President is authorized to appoint a nominating committee each year to prepare a slate of candidates to be voted upon by the members at the annual meeting, it is always easier if members step forward and volunteer to be nominated as a candidate. The IPA is blessed by having had dedicated members serve on the Board of Directors over the years, but it is essential that we have a continuous flow of volunteers.


Board members have come fr

om various walks of life and careers including medicine, science, law, business, public service, homemaking, and so on.

To serve as a Board member does not require extensive knowledge of or experience with the ponds or science, but a willingness to work with fellow directors in managing the affairs of the IPA and to learn in the process. Many previous directors, who have initially claimed no understanding of the ponds or the functioning of the IPA, have expressed amazement at how much they learned during their time on the Board. A good way to begin the learning process is to start as an associate director, which is an appointed position for up to two years. 


So please, don't wait to be called upon to serve. Contact any of those currently serving on the Board and indicate your willingness to be considered as a future candidate.

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