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New to the Indian Ponds?  Please consider joining the IPA.  The Resident's Guide will give you a guided tour.  

How to Join
Residents Guide


Both residents and non-residents are welcome to join the Indian Ponds Association. 


We are a volunteer organization with the sole mission of preserving the three Indian Ponds and their environment. We conduct water quality testing, sponsor environmental impact studies, and provide a single concerted voice for lobbying the Town and Commonwealth for resources to control invasive species and excess nutrients. If you are a resident or are simply visiting and are interested in recreational water activities, bird watching, fishing, or simply enjoying the quiet ambience of the three ponds, then we would appreciate you supporting our mission by becoming a member or simply donating to either our Pond Restoration Fund or Scholarship Fund.

To join or donate simply fill out our online membership form.  Upon pressing submit you will be redirected to a page detailing various payment options including PayPal.

(The IPA is a 501(c)(3) organization, and your membership dues and other contributions are tax-deductible.)


  • History of the Ponds

  • How ponds work

  • Pond plant and animal life

  • Pond Fishing

  • Maps

  • Beaches and Boating

  • What's legal around the Ponds

  • Threats to the Ponds

  • How we all can help

  • IPA Organization


Interested in learning more?  Click here for a list of references on:

  • the Ponds, the social and cultural History of the Ponds area,

  • Pond Life

  • Responsible Pond living

Also see our links to associated Cape organizations

Our Annual Calendar Year Dues are used to pay for the cost of publishing the quarterly newsletter and filing fees required of Non-Profit organizations in Massachusetts.


The Scholarship Fund supports the two scholarships that we award to assist young adults seeking to further their education in environmental sciences.

Our Pond Restoration Fund provides us with the ability to proactively respond to threats to the health of our three ponds.  In 2023 we provided funding for Barnstable Clean Water Coalition’s interns to take monthly samples of the Mystic Lake and Middle Pond to test for nitrogen and phosphorous.  They also provided us with a survey of invasive species in and around these two ponds.  In the past, we have funded our own extensive pond studies when there was not the political support to have the Town of Barnstable pay for these studies.

In spite of all of our volunteers, we cannot provide these services without your financial support.  Please contribute as generously as you can to support all of the efforts provided by our volunteers to keep these three ponds as healthy as possible. 

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