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The IPA Scholarships

Indian Ponds Association offers  two scholarships, the first established in memory of Edward Schwarm, and a second in honor of Emory and Geri Anderson so their environmental legacy could be honored and remembered. Their remarkable contributions to the mission of the Indian Ponds Association and dedication to the health of our three ponds have benefited all who live around the lakes.

These scholarships continue to remind new generations that problems, no matter how difficult and daunting, can be solved in a cooperative, meaningful way. May the recipients of these awards live their lives as impactful as those of Edward Schwarm, Emory Anderson and Geri Anderson.

Winners are selected on the basis of their interest in environmental science, academic achievements, extra-curricular activities, and community service.  Each recipient receives their $1500 award at the annual IPA meeting in July.
We thank the generous donors who have contributed to the scholarship fund.

EMORY AND GERI ANDERSON Scholarship established in 2022

Emory and Geri spent decades working on educating pond residents about the science behind the water quality of our three ponds. In 2001, Emery led the charge to stop the proposed dropping of the level of Middle Pond by 1.6 feet for the herring run. Geri took on the role of editor for the Indian Pond Newsletter, Vol. 1 No. 1 which she continued for another 10 years. Emory served on the IPA board for 12 years and as President for 10 of those years. Emory and Geri were active advocates and participants in many lake and pond projects. Including a three-year collaborative study of the three Indian Ponds with the Cape Cod Commission and the Town of Barnstable, the first Alum treatment in Mystic Lake, and removal of the invasive species loosestrife and gray willow. Emory has authored numerous letters and testified at hearings with the Town Council and Conservation Commission regarding both the need for an alum treatment on Mystic Lake and the IPA’s concerns over the dangers of helical piles as a foundation for temporary docks.

In 2018, Emory took on the responsibility of testing the water in Mystic Lake and Middle Pond. This testing happens every two weeks from May to October and will continue, in Emory’s words: “As long as I am able.” The accumulation of this data is critical to the understanding of the current conditions of the ponds and highlighting any significant changes in those conditions.

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established in 2005

Edward Schwarm, a retired electrical engineer who piloted B-24 bombers in World War II, maintained an avidinterest in flying. His passion for aviation led him to support the Town of Barnstable’s purchase of the Danforthproperty in 2003, and to help oversee the reactivation of the Cape Cod Airfield in 2004. The little grass airfield and its 88 acres of daisy-filled meadows are an amazing testimony to his community service. 

As an IPA board member, he was instrumental in protecting the lakes by ardently opposing lowering Middle Pond herring run in 2001. Not only did Mr. Schwarm initiate a successful campaign, he also assisted in developing a management plan for the operation of the herring run. He took it one step further by securing a grant and donations to help rebuild the herring run. The concrete structure that was erected in 2004 remains today and isvisited by herring counters and enthusiasts each spring.

Mr. Schwarm served on the Board, held positions as clerk and treasurer during his stint, wrote articles for the IPAnewsletter, and served as IPA liaison to the Marstons Mills River Committee. This placed him in a position to workwith stakeholders to protect our lakes and ponds, as well as the alewife.

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