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Petition Results shared with Mass DEP

Please read the letter Butch Roberts has filed with the Mass. Department of Environmental Protection Waterways Regulation Program showing the results of the IPA petition.

Please also don't forget to file your letters about the helical piles proposed by the owners of 24 Flume before April 6th.

In order for there to be a hearing at least 10 citizens must write in. Details on how to submit your letter are contained in Butch Roberts & Tom Odjakjian's March 11th blog post.

Tom thinks this would be a very powerful paragraph to include in your letter. In order to prevail, it is necessary to cite Mass DEP’s own regulations:

Finally, in Chapter 91: An Overview and Summary, a key point states that Chapter 91 “Protects the rights of waterfront property owners to approach their property from the water”. The Barnstable Conservation Commissions Order of Conditions has granted them their rights of a seasonal dock. But the Overview also states that it “assures removal or repair of unsafe or hazardous structures”. The allowance of permanent helical piles protruding up from the pond in this location will be a visible, provable and tangible hazard. If Mass DEP approves, must we wait for this to occur before we demand removal on these grounds? We respectfully request that the Barnstable OOC be revised to ensure this is a true seasonal structure.

Letter to MassDEP 03-14-23
Download DOCX • 33KB

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