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Scholarship Survey

Please fill out the following form  to ensure your perspective i

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1. Should eligibility for the scholarships be broadened to include students outside of Marstons Mills?
2. Should eligiblity be extended beyond freshman year including Masters Programs
3. Should eligibility be broadened to include individuals engaged in the environment other than students such as mentors, teachers, coaches, etc
4.. The Schwarm Scholarship has had a defined eligibility and purpose for a number of years. Should it be changed?
5, The Emory & Geri scholarship has a defined purpose however its eligibility has not been firmly established. Should the eligibility be redefined?
6. Should Emory & Geri’s wishes regarding the scholarship be taken into consideration?
7. Should the Emory & Geri scholarship be delayed until a strategic plan has been finalized?
8. Must applicants be involved in the mission of the IPA or can they be involved in other environmetal issues

Thanks for submitting!

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