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Alum Treatment testimony by past and present Board Directors

At its April 27th 2024 budget meeting the Barnstable Town Council  approved  $195,000  for an alum treatment  to reduce  phosphorus in Mystic Lake. Testimony was given by a several current and former IPA  board members.   Members of the IPA came out in force to support its passage.

The full hearing can be viewed on Channel 18 here. 

Learn more about Mystic Lake, its history, why the alum treatmen is important, cyanobacteria and its health implications by viewing the testimony of our speakers  below:

Dr. Emory Anderson, past IPA president and retired professional fisheries scientist,  describes the phosphorus problem in Mystic Lake, its origins, how it moves up from sediments at the bottom to form to form algal blooms, and the importance of periodically repeating alum treatment to contain the problem. 

Bill Hearn, IPA board member and retired fisheries biologist, describes some of the attributes of the Lake including the river herring run  the  presence of endangered freshwater mussels still recovering from the catastrophic die off-of over 2 +million freshwater mussels in 2009-2011 that preceded the last alum treatment.

Geri Anderson describes what the prior mussel die-off  was like and the impact of cows rom the dairy farm in the 1920’s.

IPA President Butch Roberts talks about the economic impact that the fresh water lakes and ponds have to the town and the importance of keeping their water quality high and the risk to living things caused by cyanobacteria.

Screenshot 2023-04-29 144157.png

IPA Board member Carol Sim, a registered nurse and former CEO of Spaulding Cape Cod talks about the health risks that cyanobateria causes to humans and animals.

Councilor Paula Schnepp, who represents precinct 12 which includes Mystic Lake, introduces the appropriation order.

Paula Schnepp introduces appropriation.jpg

Dan Santos, Director of Public Works presents the rationale or approving the appropriation.

Dan Santos on rationale.jpg

Council discussion and vote

council discussion and vote.jpg

Our sincere appreciation for those who testified or appeared in person, to the Council for funding the treatment, and to Matt Levesque for moving the appropriation order to the front of the voting.

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