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Quarterly Newsletters

The IPA issues quarterly newsletters on issues of interest .  View or Download the current and previous issues here

  •  Highlights of the Indian Ponds Association’s
    64th Annual Meeting

  •  Introduction of New Board Member

  • Avian Anomalies

  • Thoughts from Your New President

  • New Barn for Changing Times at Fuller Farm

  • Tribute to Emory and Geri Anderson


bald blue jay.jpg
  • Leslie Jonas to be Annual Meeting Guest  Speaker  

  •  Five Directors Step ping Down 
    One Schwarm Scholar ship To Be Awarded

  •   Red Heads and Red  Bellies 

  •   Consider Moss 

  •   Town Says No to Mys tic Lake Alum Treat ment This Year  

  • Time to renew your Membership and pay dues

  • NOAA Fisheries report and history on river herring

  • Schwarm Memorial Scholarship

  • Latest APPC report on State of the Waters

  • Rising sea level: rising groundwater level

  • Wren from Carolina

  • Herring Monitor Training Sessions

  • Oppositon to Proposed Dock on Middle Pond

  • New technologies for septic systems

Winter 2021-2022 IPA Newsletter - Wren from Carolina.jpg
Fall 2021 IPA Newsletter .bmp
  • Latest on possible alum treatment for Mystic Lake

  • Alex Leopold's "Land Ethic" revisited

  • Overview of Pond Testing and water quality

  • A Very Successful Pond Cleanup

  • A Plethora of Chickadees

  • John Hamblin

  • Marstons Mills Bog restoration proje

  • ·        Annual Meeting

  • ·        Things You Should Know

  • ·        New IPA Directors

  • ·        Pond Cleanup

  • ·        First Ever IPA Pond Seminar

  • ·        Birds That Lay Eggs in other Species Nests

  • ·        Status of Cyanobacteria Monitoring

  • ·        How to Get Invasive

  • ·        Gray Willows Removed


Summer 2021 IPA Newsletter.bmp
Spring 2021 IPA Newsletter.bmp
  • Dues Reminder

  • Marstons Mills River Herring Count 2021

  • Two Schwarm Scholrships to be awarded

  • Threats to Ponds from Septic System Runoff

  • Pond Related Activities

  • Update on Middle Pond Herring Run Reconstruction

  • My Friend Flicker

  • Responsible Approaches to Rodent Pest Control A Homeowner's Guide

Time to Renew Your Membership
• IPA Makes Case with Town for Mystic Lake
   Alum Treatment 
• Website and Facebook Page Update
• Schwarm Scholarship
• Closing the Loop on Your Backyard
• Climate Change and Cape Cod
• A Winter Bird: The Slate-colored Junco
• Golf at Hamblin Pond


slatecolored junco.jpg
  • State of the Waters: Cape Cod 2020.

  • Indian Ponds 2020 Cyanobacteria Monitoring

  • Mystic's fall turnover & thermal stratification.

  • Mystery of the Lake Passage

  • Mystic Lake Study:: phosphorus control needed

  • Dave Reid on the world of Nuthatches

  • 2020 Pond Testing Overview:  Hamblin has the best clarity, Mystic with the worst.

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